If you’re an editor looking to commission me, or someone with a story you think I should cover, please reach out at katarinaszimmer at gmail dot com or if you’re into contact forms, drop me a message below.

Note for editors:

I’m currently available for assignments involving life science, environmental issues, and data-driven journalism. Resume or specific work samples available on request.

For scientists or anyone else with a story:

Scientists, please contact me anytime! I love learning about new research, whether that’s microbiology, immunology, genetics, human health and disease, ecology, conservation, etc etc. I also love hearing from organizations working on the frontlines of issues like deforestation, pollution, climate change, wildlife exploitation, and most other forms of damage our species is inflicting on our planet.

Publicists, I’m sorry but I don’t read press releases. Please don’t add me to any email lists (and please take me off any existing ones).