Katarina Zimmer

Bats, machine learning & tequila

When you’re having a shot of tequila at your next fiesta, make sure to raise a glass to bats. Yes, bats, because they’re the animal that pollinates the blue agave plant needed to make tequila. The small winged… Read More

Bombs, cyanide and trophic cascades: When fishing gets out of hand

“A continuous series of corals, sponges, sea anemones, and other marine productions, of magnificent dimensions, varied forms, and brilliant colors. In and out moved numbers of blue and red and yellow fishes, spotted and banded and striped in… Read More

Getting an Education in the Peruvian Jungle: The Chaskawasi Project

In the lush green of the Peruvian province Madre de Dios (‘mother of the gods’) lies Manu National Park, a protected area of 20,000 square kilometers, rising into the last strings of Andean Cordillera in the West and… Read More