About Katarina


Katya Zimmer is a freelance science & data journalist based in New York City. She covers scientific research, environmental issues, and crime. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, The Scientist, VICE News, The New Food Economy, Quartz, NBC News, News Deeplyand other outlets.

She’s covered new findings in animal behavior, neurodegenerative diseases, the toxicology of widely used pesticides, shark poaching, problems in seafood transparency, and labor issues at sea.

Her degree in Biological Sciences sparked her interest in writing about science and environmental issues, but also in the use of computational methods to analyze our world. One of her favorite projects was building a machine learning algorithm for identifying species of bat based on audio recordings for a master’s thesis. She then transitioned into journalism with a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, specializing in data journalism.

Katya describes herself as half-German and half-British, having lived in both countries, and is fluent in both languages.

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